PostTrade 360° Nordic 2024

4–5 Sept 2024 | Stockholm, Sweden

Thursday, 5 September 2024 | 09:00 - 09:40

Post-trade regulation – the COMPLETE overview (Thursday edition)

Location:Room C2, Level 2
  • Regulation
9 participants

DORA, CSDR, EMIR, SRD II, WHT FASTER, CSRD, SFDR, MiFID … and then the CMU, T2S, T+1, not to mention everything coming up around crypto and tokenisation. Us post-trade folks love our regulation acronyms but this is the session that goes into what they actually mean – for you. J.P. Morgan’s Alex Dockx, on Wednesday, and Citi’s Marcello Topa, on Thursday, will present their fully independent takes on the topic, so if you are into this (and who isn’t?), join both!

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1 speaker

  • Marcello Topa

    Director, Global Market Advocacy, Policy and Strategy


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Session location Room C2, Level 2